Beard Oil: Emperor of Breathers



Premium Organic Beard Oil – Peppermint Blend ✨

Now the men can look after their beards with focused attention to the grooming of their important man-
hair. With this premium organic beard oil blend, not only will your beard be in excellent condition but

you will be able to breathe in the healthy aroma of peppermint throughout the day. Not known as the
“Emperor of the Breathers” for nothing, this refreshing, scintillating scent is sure to enhance the senses
and keep you invigorated throughout the day. The Breathers Emperor Beard Oil make has been tried and
tested by satisfied men across the globe. Take note though – this peppermint blend is only for the
courageous beard expert. Be sure to dab a bit of this oil on the inside of your wrist before getting it close
to your face. We know you’re tough but maybe our peppermint blend is a little tougher than you are…


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