Beard Oil: RoyalTea Tree



Premium Organic Beard Oil – Tea Tree Blend ✨

Tea Tree essential oil is known for its many healing, antibiotic properties. This natural oil has a unique
scent that smacks of freshness and is a great oil to keep that man beard in superior condition. Its
wonderful softening effect ensures your man beard stays soft no matter the climate and with regular
grooming will remain a pleasure to wear. Our beard oils are all pre-tested so that we know we are
providing only the best products to our customers. We also use premium oils to ensure the best results for
conditioning, hydration and to prevent that tiresome man beard itch. Try our Royal Tea Tree Beard oil for
the man who likes something different in life. Always test a little of the oil on the inside of your wrist
before applying to your face to check for sensitivity to this essential oil.


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